Criteria for Membership of the Training Institutes Chamber

Full Membership requires

  • Provision of a clinical training programme which complies with Section 4 of the Guidelines for Training Family and Systemic Therapists as detailed in the EFTA Minimum Training Standards (2011).
  • That the programme be of four years duration including a minimum of 700 hours specialist family therapy training of which at least 450 hours must be tutor-directed learning and at least 250 hours self-directed learning.
  • That one four-year training cycle must have already been completed.

Associate Membership is available to Institutes which

  • Have a training programme that does not yet meet the Section 4 Guidelines and/or have not yet completed at least one four-year training cycle.
  • It should be noted that members of both types may participate and contribute to the EFTA-TIC process, but only Full Members may vote or hold executive positions in the Chamber.

Application Procedure

Applications should include the following documents in English:

  • Completed Application form to EFTA-TIC Membership (click on link to download)
  • Two letters of recommendation are required to support your application.
    These may be supplied by:
    a) Directors or senior staff of EFTA-TIC member institutes or
    b) Senior family therapists or trainers. (It is not essential that they be EFTA members).
    The referees must not be employed by or closely associated with the applicant institute.
    It is desirable that one reference be from a local source in your own country and one international source.
  • The statutes of the Institute (if in a language other than English, kindly provide both an English summary and a copy of the original Statutes)
  • An overview of the training programme
  • The number of professionals already trained
  • The names of the trainers in the Institute, and information on their own training
  • Collaborations with other Institutes (if any)

Application documents should be sent both electronically to and by post to:

EFTA -TIC Secretariat
9, Epidavrou St.
15233 – Halandri Athens

Application Fee

  • Full Membership: 120 Euro
  • Associate Membership: 60 Euro
  • Low Income Countries*: 40 Euro

Application Fee should be sent by bank transfer directly to:

EFTA-TIC Treasury
Bank: Crédit du Nord
Agency: Croix République
IBAN: FR76 3007 6028 8433 5410 0420 015

Kindly make sure that the name of your Institute appears on the payment or send a scanned copy of your payment to the Treasurer, Michel Maestre:
Fax: +33 3 20 05 11 77.

Important: upon acceptance the Institute shall be required to pay its annual fee (kindly refer to the membership fee document).

We look forward to your application.
The EFTA-TIC Board

Download Criteria for EFTA-TIC Membership