Membership Fees

Membership Fees for the Training Institutes Chamber

Full Membership

  • Payment before April 30th: 275 Euros
  • Payment after April 30th: 385 Euros

Associate Membership

  • Payment before April 30th: 140 Euros
  • Payment after April 30th: 220 Euros

Low Income Countries*

Full Members

  • Payment before April 30th: 90 Euros
  • Payment after April 30th: 135 Euros

Associate Members

  • Payment before April 30th: 45 Euros
  • Payment after April 30th: 65 Euros

Membership Fee should be sent by bank transfer directly to:

EFTA-TIC Treasury
Bank: Crédit du Nord
Agency: Croix République
IBAN: FR76 3007 6028 8433 5410 0420 015

Kindly make sure that the name of your Institute appears on the payment or send a scanned copy of your payment to the Treasurer, Michel Maestre:
Fax: +33 3 20 05 11 77.

We look forward to your active membership.
The EFTA-TIC Board

 Membership fees_2016 (click to download pdf file)