9th EFTA Conference: EFTA-TIC Symposium – Invitation to Institute members

June 10th 2016

Dear Directors of EFTA-TIC Member Institutes, dear friends,

As you know the 9th EFTA Congress will be held September 28th – October 1st, 2016 in Athens, Greece.

Within the Congress, the EFTA-TIC Board will organize an interactive symposium entitled:

Training therapists for new and changing realities”

You are invited to contribute to this symposium so that it becomes an interactive and mutual learning experience. HOW? – Create a collage that analogically represents the systemic concepts and ideas that you consider crucial in developing systemic thinking and practice – those that are fundamental to your institute’s specific training approach.

So as to get younger therapists involved, we suggest that your group of trainees co-create the collage. More specifically, if your Institute wishes to participate in the TIC event, your group is invited to do the following:

“Imagine that TIC is creating a ‘MANIFESTO OF SYSTEMIC THINKING’.

Discuss and decide which concepts you believe are the most important in learning/developing a Systemic perspective, particularly within the new and changing social and family realities that characterize our times.  

Which do you consider as essential and should be included in the Manifesto?

After you have decided, make a collective collage of these concepts.”

Each institute may select the language they will use for any words on their collage. The size of the collage must not be more than 100cm wide and 125cm long. The collages of all EFTA-TIC Institutes will be collectively exhibited within the main Congress site during the Congress days.

During the EFTA-TIC Symposium, the collages will be presented to the other TIC members with the purpose to initiate reflective processes that will lead to the co-creation of ‘meta-collage’ and collective narrative on the theme.

In order to organise the exhibiting space of the event more efficiently, we will need to know if you are interested in this project. Please download, complete and return the form below to the TIC secretariat ().

Deadline July 10th.

We are excited about this potentially very interesting event – it would be a pleasure to have as many collages as possible from the 129 institutes from the 29 countries in Europe that EFTA-TIC represents.

        On behalf of the EFTA-TIC Board,

Mony Elkaim, Chair

Kyriaki Polychroni, Vice-Chair

Slavica Gajdadzis-Knezhevikj, Secretary

TIC Invite for Collage

TIC Invite for Collage

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