EFTA – NFTO General Assembly May 29th 2022

A very successful meeting was organized and conducted by the NFTO Chamber from May 26th to May 29th, in Bar, Montenegro. Milica Belada, Jola Dojic, and a team of focused and caring women, organized a very intense and well-planned meeting in which we discussed, played, enjoyed ethnical dances and passionate singing, visited tourist sites, and swam in the sea (Valerie O’Brien won the swimming championship!) and tasted the fantastic food. Their hospitality, care, careful organization, and friendship made us all feel very comfortable and well taken care of.

The Meeting in Montenegro marks a very important change in the course of EFTA. A voting process to amend the Statutes took place. Changes on which the Boards and the Statutes Committee had been officially working on for more than two years and have been trying to bring about for even longer. The new statutes, approved by vote, will allow for a broader, fruitful collaboration among the Boards. We will keep in mind with gratitude that this change was ratified in Montenegro: the organization and the renewed trust among attendees made it possible and smooth.

Below, you may view some photos of the event. Board members and attendees are encouraged to upload their own photos.

Thank you

U.T. Chair

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