EFTA-TIC Trainer Exchange Network – Participate Now!

In Belgrade, the EFTA-TIC Board shared with you its plan of furthering the exchange of its member institutes/trainers.

We wish to put into practice the concept of the “EFTA-TIC Trainers’ Exchange Program”. This program entails the circulation of information among our members regarding the focus and specialization of each institute and its trainers.

In this way we hope to assist an institute in inviting a trainer from another institute/country based on its interest in the specific specialization/focus.

The objective of the TIC Trainers’ Exchange Program is that it be on a mutual “give-and-take” basis. Consequently, not to involve a teaching fee, but rather the covering only of costs for transportation and accommodation.

Our aspiration is to facilitate both the exchange and collegial camaraderie of trainers and their trainees, and the learning from our different approaches and cultures.

We invite you to participate in this Trainers’ Exchange Program and engage in this new mutual learning and collaborative process.

Please complete the attached form and return it to the TIC Secretariat, Christina Soulios, at .
We will then circulate this information and upload it on the EFTA- TIC website.

We value your contribution to make this process develop widespread European training roots and slowly grow.

Best wishes,
On behalf of the EFTA-TIC Board,

Kyriaki Polychroni  & Slavica Gajdadzis-Knezhevikj

Vice-Chair  & Secretary

TIC Trainers’ Exchange Program

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