Greetings from the new EFTA-TIC Chair

My name is Nevena Calovska Hertzog, and I have been elected to chair Chamber of Training Institutes.

As it is a new developmental cycle for EFTA, since revised and updated Statutes have been voted , role of EFTA-TIC Chamber is encountering new challenges.

In close “organic” collaboration with NFTO and CIM Chambers, EFTA TIC needs:

  •  to connect training schools , enhancing rich and open communication,
  • to provide strong and resposnsive supportive network,
  • to promote high quality contextully and culturally sensitive training harmonised with European (EAP) standards, ensuring enabling trained therapists to meet everchanging social, political, economic contexts through systemic practice and therapy
  • to define and propose criteria for supervisors,
  • to discuss needs and possibilities of accreditation of training institutes,
  • and reach out and respond to any forthcoming issues coming from member Institutes.

Respecting contributions continuously made by our members in creating and participating in EFTA-TIC events, this tradition is to be maintained, and next meeting is planned for October 2023 in Chambery, France.


Nevena Calovska Hertzog

Agenda Upcoming events

September 7-10, 2022
Ljubljana, Slovenia