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Allilepidrasis (Associate Member)
Heraklio 71303 Greece
Athens 11521 Greece
Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.I.A.)
Athens 11521 Greece
Center for Systemic Therapy and Consultation (Associate Member) Athens 15342 Greece
Center for Systemic Therapy and Counselling (Associate Member)
Ioannina 45332 Greece
Ergastirion of Systemic Thinking and Training
Heraklio 71202 Greece
Family Therapy Unit /Psychiatric Hospital of Athens Athens 11635 Greece
Four Years Program in Systems Therapy, Center for the Study of Human Systems Bettering and Therapy
Kolonaki 10675 Greece
Institute of Family Consultation and Systemic Therapy (Associate Member)
Chania 73100 Greece
Institute of Family Therapy of the Open Psychotherapy Centre
Athens 11472 Greece
Institute of Systemic Therapy of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki 54624 Greece
Institute of Systemic Thinking and Psychotherapy
Thessaloniki 54635 Greece
KESMETH Center for Systemic Studies and Therapy of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki 54249 Greece
KETHEA – Therapy Center For Dependent Individuals
Athens 11636 Greece
Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations
Athens 15235 Greece
Systemic Approach and Family Therapy Institute
Thessaloniki 54642 Greece
Systemic Center for Training and Psychological Support (SKEPSYS)
Athens 15231 Greece
Training and Research Institute for Systemic Psychotherapy – Logo Psychis
Athens 15126 Greece
Training Programme in Systemic Family and Marital Therapy, AthensUniv Ment Health Res Inst(UMHRI)
Athens 15601 Greece