Membership Fees

Membership Fees for the Training Institutes Chamber

Full Membership

  • Payment before August 1st: 275 Euros
  • Payment after August 1st: 385 Euros

Associate Membership

  • Payment before August 1st: 140 Euros
  • Payment after August 1st: 220 Euros

Low Income Countries*

Full Members

  • Payment before August 1st: 90 Euros
  • Payment after August 1st: 135 Euros

Associate Members

  • Payment before August 1st: 45 Euros
  • Payment after August 1st: 65 Euros

Proceed to payment

In case you do not wish to proceed with membership fee payment via the online procedure provided on this page, please click here to access, in document format, all necessary information regarding payment and membership fees.