Pre-Conference Workshop – 11th EFTA-TIC Meeting of Trainers

11th EFTA-TIC Meeting of Trainers



Date:               Thursday, September 27th, 2018 



10:00-13:00        ‘How to (hopefully) be successful working with couples with young children: The DAN model.’

Mauro Mariotti, Achille Langella, Nicoletta Scaltriti, Greco Muratori

14:30-17:30        ‘Working passionately with couples: the emotional genogram’

Umberta Telfener and Nevena Calovska Herzog


Participation Fee:  32 euros (payment to be made on site)


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Venue:                 West University of Timisoara

Aula of the Central University Library

Bulevardul Vasile Pârvan nr. 4

300223 – Timisoara



‘How to (hopefully) be successful working with couples with young children: The DAN model.’

Presenters: Mauro Mariotti and the Iscra team (Achille Langella, Nicoletta Scaltriti, Greco Muratori)

  • The pre-conference will be carried out with a short theoretical presentation aimed at introducing the evolution of the complex systemic model as used at ISCRA. More specifically, we will focus on the family life cycle of young parents with children, and how they differentiate from the family of origin to create good boundaries but with strong connections. Due to the theme of “war and peace”, we will consider the present situation of migrations, but also the theme of broken families and that of fights among different generations or between peers.-  Prof. Dr. Mauro Mariotti
    Medicine Doctor, Child Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist. Official Technical Consultant and Court Appointed Expert. Family Mediator. Co-Founder and Director of ISCRA, Institute for Psychotherapy, Mediation and Counselling.
  • We will present our tools simultaneously, asking participants to experience these techniques first-hand. Participants will have the chance to propose changes, identify patterns of similarity, originality, and repetition. The room will be divided into 3 parts; each part will be led by one of the presenters, who will carry out an example of one of the tools used in the DAN process (RSP, Three-Dimensional Genogram etc). The main techniques presented will be the co-construction of a three-dimensional genogram, an interactive genogram made with small colored blocks of wood; the house drawing, a drawing of the family’s house of the past, of the present, and that of a desired future; the Relational Styles Profile, a reflexive interview that allows the couple to understand and be aware of their process of structural coupling.
  • –  Achille Langella
    Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Secretary of the Emilia Romagna Psychologists Order. ISCRA Researcher.
  • –  Nicoletta Scaltriti
    Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist. ISCRA Researcher.
  • –  Greco Muratori
    Psychologist. ISCRA Researcher.

‘Working passionately with couples: the emotional genogram

Presenters: Nevena Calovska & Umberta Telfener

The aim of this workshop is to evoke participants’ personal experiences in various situations concerning phases of couples’ therapy.

Six exercises will be offered in predominantly analogic manner, starting from inquiring about participants’ positive images of couples’ relationship, then questioning family of origin programmed beliefs, reflecting and moving to developing self and relational awareness. The second part of the workshop will be focused on developing and observing couples; dynamics “here and now” and expressing it in a metaphorical form. Participants will be engaged in their emotional genogram  in order to highlight and express some of their emotional dances experiences. We will work together in order to reflect on how to open new possibilities in couples therapy.

Shared discussion: will put the emphasis on questioning participants as to what they could bring into their work and in supervision after attending this seminar.

–  Nevena Calovska Herzog, MD, Ph.D., ECP, psychiatrist and systemic family therapist, Professor at the University Singidinum,  Belgrade, founder of the Association of Systemic Therapists in Belgrade, which is a Center for training in Systemic Family Therapy.  She is an active member of the European Family Therapy Association, EFTA,  as a Secretary General. In the European Association for Psychotherapy, EAP, she is working as an External Relations Officer. Dr. Calovska is also an expert and permanent member of the Training Accrediting Committee, TAC of the EAP, being in charge of supporting and promoting Training Psychotherapy Institutes. She has published over 80 professional articles and chapters. Being in private practice, training, and supervision her main interests are in providing and developing high quality effective and efficient practice and exchange of ideas and experiences among colleagues.

–  Umberta Telfener, clinical psychologist with a degree in Philosophy and one in Psychology, has been an adjunct professor at the Ph.D. Course in Health Psychology of the University La Sapienza of Roma till 1917. She has worked in a Public Health Center for ten years, is in private practice since 1980 and supervises the work of professionals and groups both in private and public settings. Teacher of the Milan Family Therapy School (Boscolo & Cecchin), has edited many books and articles

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