EFTA-TIC Election Results

EFTA-TIC Board Election 2013

The election for the EFTA-TIC Board for the period 2013-2016 took place at the 8th EFTA Congress in Istanbul on Friday, October 25th, 2013.

The election process was conducted by Michel Maestre (Treasurer) who validated the eligibility of Institutes to vote and Christina Soulios (EFTA-TIC Secretariat).

The count was overseen by Jean-Paul Mugnier of the EFTA Cross-Chamber Elections Committee who provided external validation.

The total number of Institutes voting was 32 (30 in person and 2 postal votes. There was a 3rd postal vote that was set aside as a proxy was present who was permitted to vote in person.)

The results were as follows:

Charlie Azzopardi Institute of Family Therapy, Malta – 4
Nevena Calovska Hertzog Association of Systemic Therapists, Serbia – 17
Elena Ceuca Institutul pentru Cuplu si Familie, Romania – 4
Mony Elkaïm IEFSH, Belgium – 24
Slavica Gadjadzis Knezevic Institute for Marriage, Family & Systemic Practice-ALTERNATIVA, F.Y.R. of Macedonia – 16
Jenia Georgieva Institute of Psychodrama, Individual and Group Psychotherapy “Bernhard Ahterberg”, Bulgaria – 3
Philip Kearney Clanwilliam Institute, Ireland – 19
Michel Maestre Institut PSYCOM, France – 22
Mauro Mariotti ISCRA, Italy – 20
Nicholas Paritsis Society for Therapy and Intervention on Individual, Families and Larger Systems, Greece – 5
Kyriaki Polychroni Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.I.A.), Greece – 17
Jose Soriano Escuela de Terapia Familiare del Hospital de Sant Pau, Spain – 15

Those with the seven highest totals (Elkaim, Maestre, Mariotti, Kearney, Calovska Hertzog, Polychroni, and Gadjadzis Knezevic) were deemed elected.

The officers of EFTA-TIC for the period 2013-2016 were elected by secret ballot immediately after the Board election. They are as follows:

Chair: Mony Elkaim
Vice-Chair: Kyriaki Polychroni
Treasurer: Michel Maestre
Secretary: Philip Kearney

Other elected Board members are:
Mauro Mariotti, Nevena Calovska-Herzog and Slavica Gajdazis-Knezevic.

The Board subsequently decided to co-opt Jose Soriano who received the next highest result in the board election.

On behalf of the EFTA-TIC Board,

Philip Kearney

2013 EFTA-TIC Elections Report

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